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Steaks: Sold as full cuts, vac packed as single steaks. Weights will vary a little.

1 Rib Eye will cut into

about 12 x 8oz steaks

Approx €4.50 each


1 Short Striploin will cut into

about 24 x 8oz steaks

Approx €3.90 each


1 Full Fillet (fully trimmed) will cut into about 13 x 8oz steaks

Approx €6.60 each


Roast Beef: Sold as full cuts, no twine needed.

Our mince and burgers are lean and guilt free! That means no fat excess with your cooking.

1 Rib Eye


2.5kg -3.5kg each

1 Short Striploin Roast


5.0kg -6.5kg each, can be cut into 2 or 3 pieces if needed

1 Full Fillet (fully trimmed)


2.5kg -4.5kg each

Sirloin Roast


sold as 2 pieces,
3.5kg - 4.0kg each

Corned Silverside

1kg @ €7.50 each

1.8kg @ €13.50 each
Mixed Weights @ €7.50/kg

Steak Mince


90VL, 5kg bag

Diced Beef


99VL, 3kg bag

Steak Burgers

€1.35 each

90VL, 170g/6oz,
stacked in 10's, frozen

Chorizo Burgers

€1.50 each

90VL, 170g/6oz,
stacked in 10's, frozen

Want the best? Come to the best!

Guilt free, lean meat, premium products and quality at wholesale prices.

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